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  • PRéTI (Pathophysiology and Regulation of Ion Transport – Physiopathologie et Régulation des Transports Ioniques – University of Poitiers UR 24184) and 4CS (Canaux et connexines dans les cancers et cellules souches – Channels and Connexins in Cancer and Cell Stemness – University of Poitiers UR 22751) laboratories succeeded to STIM laboratory.
  • The HAL collection of PRéTI laboratory can be consulted HERE.
  • The HAL collection of 4CS laboratory can be consulted HERE.

Open archives of the STIM laboratory

The 'Signalisation et Transports Ioniques Membranaires' laboratory (STIM EA 7349) at the University of Poitiers is also affiliated to the INSB of the CNRS (section 24) through the labelled research team, ERL 7003, and to the University of Tours.

Building on over 20 years of recognised expertise in the study of membrane ion transporters (ion channels and connexins), the laboratory aims to increase fundamental knowledge of ion transporters, their regulation by partner proteins and membrane lipids, and their functions in order to respond to current health challenges posed by pathologies such as cancer, cystic fibrosis and cardiovascular disease, as well as tissue repair through our work on stem cells.

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